The REPAR Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of African Americans and those within the African Diaspora. The foundation improves lives through innovation in blockchain technology. Through our partnership with Melanin E Commerce Inc, the REPAR Foundations token (RPAR) will be at the very core of the REPAR Ecosystem. Our primary focus will be to partner with Nonprofits in the following areas:

  • Recidivism – Nonprofit Organizations that provide housing, job, or resources to former inmates.

  • Digital Gap – Education of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Free videos on our platform, free presentations, virtual training classes and workshops for technology. Provide refurbished computers to marginalized communities. Get people access to digital vital records.

  • Wealth Gap – Regularly sponsor new entrepreneurs with product and business coaching to get started. (Laptop, printer, web development, domain, and email sponsorship.

  • Financial Literacy – Virtual training classes and videos

  • Debt Management, Credit Counseling, Insurance Planning, Investment planning, Retirement planning, Estate Planning.

The REPAR Foundation and Melanin E-Commerce will collaborate to maximize token adoption as follows:

  • MelaninECommerce.com will Provide a sales opportunity for business owners from within the African Diaspora to promote their brands.

  • Through REPARPay Provide a payment gateway to promote the distribution of RPAR tokens.

  • Through Melanin Mobile- Allow customers to participate in a cell phone service provider without a credit check.

  • Through Melainfluencers-Provide a platform for influencers to promote their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).

  • Through MelanDebit -Allow customers to use their RPAR tokens at over 40 million locations that accept Visa.

  • Through Earparations Give storytellers the opportunity to share their life stories and get paid like gig workers.

Total supply18, 650, 000, 000 RPAR Token
Circulating Supply (2022)1,865,000,000 RPAR Token
Token Price (2022)$0.01.0000 (USD)
Total Market Cap$186, 500, 000
Circulating Market Cap$18, 650, 000

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